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pianokeysAs we start the New Year, many are thinking of the changes they want to make to succeed, both in life and in business. We all have that dream picture in our minds and today is the day we start to make that all happen.

Yesterday I met a man named Charlie; he was headed back to the doctor to deal with some more health problems. A year ago Charlie was told to change his diet and other habits to keep his heart in shape.

I found his story rather touching as I was thinking of this post for today. It made me think of how so many people at this time of year have the greatest intentions of making changes. It’s a new year and we are all determined to change.

Yet we have years of living with habits, patterns, and the mindset we have built. That will be the thing that we have the hardest time overcoming.  When you make a change you have to set yourself up for success. If you waited till today to make the changes, you are starting late. But not too late.

The reason so many seminars and events start with talking about mindset is that it is the hardest thing people have to overcome.  The next 21 days you need to be setting new habits that will create the change you want.

Do you know what habits you need to put into place? This is the day you can start your change and you start with making new habits. Just like Charlie, who I was talking with yesterday.

The reason Charlie was in the doctor’s office again was that after his heart surgery last year he was supposed to make some changes. But he kept living the way he always had. If you want changes in your life, you must make changes.

So you are at this point and you have to create new habits. You need to face today’s call to action. It’s time to make a list of new habits you are going to do this year. Make that list and get serious now. Attend a Rocker Life Coach live event and find the keys for your success.

RockStar I’m Tim Gillette. Are you ready to live your dream? It’s time to change, make 2013 the year you rock.

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