Is Kathy Griffin’s 15 Minutes Over Yet???

Is Kathy Griffin’s 15 Minutes Over Yet???

15 minutes of fame with Kathy Griffin 

If it’s not one celebrity, it’s another. When is this going to stop???? Guess its Kathy Griffins turn.

Unless you have been in a bubble over the past year or so, it seems that every celebrity who is trying to do something to bring back their career has been jumping on the “let’s HATE Donald Trump” wagon.

When is it going to stop?

But first a warning….

I am not saying, nor am I denying, that Donald Trump is a good president. I am not making a political post. I have learned that most people who are talking politics are giving opinions like they’re facts. Usually you can tell something is an opinion because it starts with “but the facts are…” It’s all opinion and you’re welcome to disagree. That’s your opinion…

I would like to talk about something that has been on my mind, and this Kathy Griffin thing really made me think about it more.

15 minutes of fame for fame’s sake

I once heard it said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, meaning you can’t do anything wrong. Well I think that Kathy Griffin may be showing us that’s not true…is it?

You see, over the years I have heard about and done some publicity stunts that got attention; they got me fame for a few minutes in front of the potential clients I was looking to get. I did some things that were on the edge in my industry and it got attention.

Lately, many of the celebrities who do not like Trump have been using this idea of “let’s push and say we hate him” to get the attention they need and get their name in the news for a week or so.

I’m not saying that you should take this moment to trash the president by going this far over the line to see what response you could get. But in your own industry, what are some things you could do that would pop your head above the crowd, if only for a moment to get your name out?

Let’s talk about the bizarre tricks and the aftereffects

When it comes to blog posts, online videos, podcasts, or basic online content creation, many people have been talking about how they game the SEO system to get readers to visit their blogs. Many ideas for generating traffic are about getting attention. But how much attention is too much attention?

Kathy Griffin got attention; at this point I’m betting she got more than she planned. I know from watching her over the years that you could tell she is not the person who would like a president like Donald Trump. But she is a comedian, and comedians cross the line, or play with the line, to find out just how far people will let them go.

Many of you in business are like me and do not cross the line. We are more afraid of the negative feed back like Kathy got from doing this. That keeps us in line; it keeps us trying to color inside the lines, if you will.

But what other things have we seen people do that cross the line and that really do not get the desired results?

I watched a video from Gary Vaynerchuk last week, where he shared why he would never buy a Samsung product again. He told about how they placed their banners on a site that would end up getting site clicks. That’s one of those SEO and ad tricks that gets people back at the home office jumping for joy when they see the number of clicks coming in from an ad.

Because of the design they are getting tons of people to click on their sites. The problem is 95% of those people are not interested in what they are clicking on; they were just trying to close the banner.

You see sometimes the bizarre gets the opposite results. I would hate to be paying for 90% of the clicks from my ads that came from people who are not even remotely interested in what I’m selling. That is a big waste of money.

So let’s wrap this up

Lets get back to this Kathy thing. She pushed a boundary to get 15 minutes of fame. She got lots of people’s attention. She used her comedy and point of view and it has consequences that are not mine to deal with.

If you want to push boundaries, learn from this incident: instead plan a publicity stunt that gets the attention of everyone you want to reach. Start with doing things that get your ideal client’s attention while making sure it does not get the world’s attention.

Do things that reach your audience; don’t pull stunts that get 90% of the people coming to your site for the wrong reason.

After years of building my business, I learned to work with a targeted list, not a mega list. I know that totally goes against the gurus who say “he with the biggest list wins.”

I don’t want a big list; I don’t want the world’s eyes on me. Why??? I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. And the last thing I need is the 90% of the world who does not like me talking about what I do in a negative way.

Whats your plan to an ideal client-attracting 15 minutes of fame?

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