It’s About the Climb

It’s About the Climb

the climb
This week, while on the road, I spent time with people at two different events. Hearing those who shared how they were inspired to stop letting objections get to them as entrepreneurs was great. Then two nights in a row I spent time with friends.

The first night I was with friends from high school, where I listened to my friend, Kevin, tell about his challenges to change his career and take it to another level. Then tonight over dinner some friends shared how they were facing challenges in creating their business. One topic came up at both events: the idea of how the challenges are keeping them from reaching their goals.

I am reminded tonight that it’s about the process. I use the song, “The Climb,” so many times in my speaking because each and every time we set goals, reaching the goal is not the ultimate reason we are working. The idea is to learn while you are going through the climb, while you are struggling, having failures and mistakes. They are part of the ultimate growth in life. In this time of trouble with our country, we sometimes get set on the idea of we need to fix this, we need a solution. Well what are you learning from the process?

Get ready for another great week and learn from your climb.

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