How Good is Your Product?

How Good is Your Product?

Your flying and using your new Go-pro camera to take in the view. Then oops you let go and it falls to the earth.

I watched this video and thought wow could this be just an advertisement for your product? Or did this really happen?

One of the tricks of marketing a small business is to use a stunt to get the attention of your potential clients. You let this stunt out and people just come from miles around to watch. Think of the flash mob videos, imagine being in the place they happen, when they happen, and your not in on the gag. Well its a great fun idea that grabs attention.

Many watching this video will believe that is what this is, a company stunt to showcase their product. After all its the Go-pro camera that we find out did this. That camera is a wonder for adventure people. I know many bikers in my club who have one for riding.

But what if the person who dropped the camera, now finds this video and goes hey that’s my camera. We shall see in the coming days. After all in a matter of days over 1 million people went by to view it.

Want to do awesome stuff like this to promote your business? What ever crazy you do make a video of it.

1. Think of crazy, what is something that will attract people to be so curious they just have to watch. I look for these ideas all the time to boost my videos.

2. Make sure you post it on all your social media, not just your you tube channel, but promote it out on your other social media sites. Even make a blog post about it and embed the video.

3. Make a great offer at the end, I would say use it to get people to opt-in to your list. But make something to use this crazy to suggest a take action.


So what will you do to build a stunt? My challenge to you today is start to plan something that is crazy, different, and out there. Really put some effort into this. Plan out the scenes, get a good camera and record it.

Please tell me in the comments below what you will do?

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, author and creator of the Rock’n’Roll Keys to Business Success. Using music, Motorcycles, and Mentorship to move entrepreneurs into successful business owners who lead.


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4 Replies to “How Good is Your Product?”

  1. I have a goofy sense of humor and I think of some funny ideas. But, i have the problem of not knowing the “tech stuff” so the videos don’t look that great. I post some of them on You Tube anyway. I figure they will get better as I go.

  2. Hmm, a stunt . . . let me think. I wrote an article on April Fool’s Day pranks you can play using Microsoft Office to promote the computer training I offer. I could also highlight some frequently mistaken grammar point to promote training and proofreading services; is that the kind of thing you are suggesting? I like the idea of being even more bold and crazy so as to go viral. This was at least food for thought.

  3. I see this being relevant to some bit not other’s. I deal with Stress, empowerment and I do not see the possibilities of developing stunts but I think one has to be careful because it should be important and line up with your branding.

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