Hey Media : Stop Draggin My Heart Around….

Hey Media : Stop Draggin My Heart Around….

Stop Draggin my Heart Around

This world is starting to get to me again. It seams that in one day the news media can suck you back in when such tragedy happens.

Over the past few years, I’ve done as much as I could to turn off the news channels, to stop watching the CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and the list could go on and on.

Instead I wait till I hear it on a social platform and then research online with Google search, and even checking twitter and Facebook feeds to see what news link are there for me to read.

So yesterday I wake up and while checking my Facebook notes for the morning, I see a post from my good friend Casey Eberhart who is on Australia as he posts. Mentioning what happened in Vegas, So I do a quick search and find out. Then within a matter of moments it seams its all over my news feed. Not just the news but the people fighting over the topics like Guns, and Conspiracy, even some friends who were throwing in the NFL kneeling thing to relate to it.

This is the reason that I checked out from watching news. Its not just the story anymore it’s the fight about it..

I then move to go about my day and just let it go. It is then I receive a message from a friend about Tom Petty. So Again I start my searches, first a look at the trending on Facebook, nothing. Then a look at the trending on Twitter, its then I read…

Tom Petty RIP

Tom Petty taken to the hospital, in cardiac arrest, with no brain activity they remove him from life support. This begins my day of having to deal with even more of those pesky 3 letter media companies, as I search.

With the fact of my story and being told I look like Tom Petty a few years ago from LAX Airport TSA agents. I want to know, but I’m not going to just be another media outlet that jumps to spread the story if I cannot confirm the facts.

So being I’m told I look like Tom Petty, I start a video to comment on it, still looking for confirmation. While the video was going, CBS confirms with a post.

Only an hour later to find out he is still holding on. Then of course I’m now watching news on TV. The one thing I HATE to do. I now have to see all the talk from the left leaning opinions of one, and the right leaning opinions of another. When all I want it to get some facts..

So being the depressed person I can be, hearing all the junk about Vegas yesterday really brings me down, it becomes a trap.

All to get the facts… So its like they are dragging my heart around, really that is how it felt.

How about you, how do you handle all this news stuff when it comes out???


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