Greatest Show On Earth

Greatest Show On Earth

My Favorite Band: Van Halen. But NOT my favorite Concert…

What is the best concert you have ever seen?

What was it that made that concert so great?

Was it the light show?

Was it the sound of the music?

Was it the excitement of seeing your favorite band?

Something made that show great to you…

When I ask that question to groups of people, I never get the same answer. A few people in the group may have seen the same tour or even been at the same show. But almost never will you get two people in the same room to agree that the same show was the greatest.

Why is that?

We all have different tastes. We have all had different experiences, even if two people attended the same concert of the same band in the same town, they will almost always remember it differently.

We spent years in our schools being programed to be the same; we did not want to stand out or be an oddball. But we all have gone through so many different places to get to where we are at this very moment.

Last week I was able to attend the Trans Siberian Orchestra show for the second time in my life. I still must admit they put on the greatest show of any rock concert out there.

Yet I would have to say the first one I attended was the best show I have ever attended. I was excited to attend that one, was so pumped up to see the show for the first time. I went in with high expectations and found a concert that lived to please

So why was this concert not as good as the last one?

The show was good, we had closer seats, BUT life was at a different point for me. As we left to attend the show I received an email that distracted me into the beginning of the show. My focus was not there.

This is where I came up with this blog post, thinking about how the different place I was in mentally caused me to see the same great people performing at the same great level in an entirely different light.

So this is what I took away from this, as we are in the middle of the holiday season:

  1. Your Brand, Your Business. Your business model, your monetization strategy may be much different from others’ and that is ok. You build your business, and brand in a way that rocks your world. Like the band did for us at the concert, you have to do what you can the make the best show for your fans.
  1. Your pace is not the same as others’. When it comes to helping others, they may or may not be in the place that you are. Often when helping others to become leaders in their industries, I’ve found that sometimes they are way ahead of where their fans are. You must take what matters to you and relate it to what matters to them. You may have to go back to where they are. They have not caught up with you yet
  1. Use the tools you have, not the tool others have. When it comes to watching these guys play the instruments they have, the violin player impressed me the most. She played her instrument, and did it 100%. Use the tools you have, the reason some of these musicians are best with the one tool they play is that is what they are best at. Your best tool could be the experiences you are going though right now. Use them to teach, share and build your business.
  1. Have fun with what you do. The greatest thing I noticed about this show was these guys have loads of fun doing what they do. They are not all superstars, or RockStar gods. They are musicians who love what they do and love making the fans have a great experience.

As we close out 2016, I want you to think about these things, think of them before making any new business plans for 2017. Think about them as you create any list of big goals. It’s where you are and what you can do for the crowd that matters.

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