Givers and Takers

Givers and Takers

Robert Parkerson, A James Malinchak example of a Giver.

Recently I was asked by another coach and speaker for some help in a current project that just could did not seem to work out. Another coach and speaker told me a few months back how he had also helped that person, yet the struggling hadn’t ended.

Recently I decided to use a few outside-the-box-ideas and put them into practice in my mission to help others become that entrepreneur that stands out as the leader in his or her industry. When another coach heard my idea, I was immediately told how that was not professional and I should hold myself to a higher standard.

But when I shared the idea with my own coach he jumped and said, “That is an awesome idea! I just might do that myself.” The thing I should also mention is my idea created sales for both me and my coach. On the other hand, the coach who thought I should hold to a higher standard is always asking me for new ideas.

Now, it may seem like I am going to use this post to tell you that coaches are takers and not givers, which is far from the truth. I believe both of the coaches in the above examples are truly givers not takers. But too often people are giving the wrong advice and people using their ideas are failing.

This post is not about coaches, but about business owners who have become takers. It’s time to stop filling our own pockets and start helping others.

In the information world, we work as coaches, bloggers, speakers, and authors. I liked what Larry Winget said on my show last week: “The information that we share is free; you can search the internet to find it for no cost. But people want to hear it from you.” It’s time to look in the mirror and make sure that you are giving them honest information and a great experience they will use to build awesome success.

A few weeks back, I was able to see how one speaker and person I hold in high regard is really successful and I was able to have a few conversations with some of James Malinchak’s clients. It was totally by chance that a project I was working on put me in touch with three of his personal clients.

True success is when your clients’ successes speak highly about the way you do business. When I talked to these three people, the fact that they are so successful in all they do took me from my desk as a coach and into the bathroom mirror again. I decided to take a look at how I was doing. I wanted to see if my clients’ successes speak that loudly for me.

I hope you take this post and look at your own message. I could fill up several paragraphs about areas I need to clean up, but that is not the point. The point is we all need to look and what our success story tells others: are we givers or takers? We need to answer that for ourselves.

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