Ever Notice Haters Almost Never Become Buyers?

Ever Notice Haters Almost Never Become Buyers?

How many of your customers Hate you ??

Why do we focus so much attention on those that become a huge drain to our bottom line?

I really learned this lesson today as I have pulled myself from my office after being sick of the hate mail, and those… well let’s just say those who are never going to buy my crap…

As you learn to build your niche online and find a sweet spot that gets you both traffic and clients, chances are you’re going to piss off someone. You did not intend to piss them off, you did not intend to make them upset. They just had something inside of them explode after reading your post.

A few years back I did a video where I learned that people loved to hear from me. It was not something I ever wanted to become part of, yet once I did it, I didn’t hate it. After that, I’ve tried many more things I would not normally have done, but that is another story.

The number of people who would show up for my live-streaming videos and blog posts that were just me wearing my heart on a sleeve, blew me away. For some reason, you, my followers, LOVED to hear about my problems, what I was learning from them, and you took the lessons and helped yourself to some success.

Last week I did three of those videos and two are still left up. I took one down because it was in a place where I did not want to be: the hate zone. It seemed I had two hate mails for every person who watched that video and read my blog post. I find that number funny because I still got tons of love, but the hate mail seamed to outnumber the people who actually visited for the content.

That should have been a hint: they were not really reading; they were just a bunch of haters who were looking for someone to hate on. That got me to think and look more closely at the numbers. Do you know that in my 7 years of doing this, not one person who said they didn’t like what I do has ever become a CUSTOMER?

So why are we putting so much attention on those that are NEVER going to buy???

It comes down to this: we all want to be liked. I could read tons of stuff online where I know people are taking hits at me. I do not argue with them; I do not get into a fight with them. I just observe. I said it on Friday’s broadcast: “Go ahead and create content that tells everyone you don’t agree with me. I’m not going to fight you over it. We call that free speech.”

So, in closing today, I ask, “Where is your focus?” It’s true we don’t want to do things that intentionally hurt and are hateful. But we need to be able to speak our minds. We need to be able to share our opinions, and understand it’s just that: our opinion.

For the many of you who stopped by and took a look at Laura’s guest post last week, thanks. Some of you loved it; some hated it. But she did make some really good points. And I stand behind the fact that I posted it.

The numbers of engaged people who are becoming clients is rising. So many of you write that you love it when I share the personal crap I’m going through. I will continue to do those posts as long as you keep asking for them.

For those who read this and just want to hate, yeah, I have feelings. But I’m going to focus my energy on those that like it. Sorry.

Thanks for reading today’s rant. Keep Rockin’…


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