Even the Blind Can See That One

Even the Blind Can See That One

IMG_1871As I was explaining the process she was about to go through, I kept asking myself, “Did I say that enough?” I lost count of how many times I asked the question, “Do you understand the instructions?” and, “Did I make that clear?”

I sometimes forget that a new client’s ideas may not be as clear as the things I see; they may not understand a lot of things yet. That is why I use so many songs as illustrations when I speak about believing. While I’m working to put together marketing and money-making plans for my clients, I need to paint that picture so well a blind man could see it.

When I talked yesterday about the end of the book and having the finish in mind, the concept is so clear to me. After all the spiritual gift that I was told I’m strongest at is prophesy. (No, that does not mean I can see the future.)  But it may not be so clear to everyone else.

When I first heard that, I was puzzled, but when it was explained to me, when someone painted the picture for me, it was like I had been blind and my eyes were now opened. I finally understood the gifts I had.

Now let me explain how this works to help people build a business. I am able to read and listen to the stories about things you tell me you did in the past. I am able to read the patterns and that tells me what needs to be changed and how you need to change it.

So maybe you see the idea of helping the blind to see. As a coach, I am working really hard to paint the picture of your future success with the words I speak. I am always trying to help you reach that goal, making sure that all steps lead to that goal. That’s what I shared yesterday was “the end of the book.”

Are you ready to have your blind eyes opened? I recommend you attend one of our live events. It’s not a miracle show but a place to get your mind in the creative mode, then get a plan of action to succeed at reaching that goal.

Check out our events and I’ll see you at one really soon.

Rockstar Tim Gillette          I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success and author of the book, You Can Always Get What You Want. It’s time to rock with your business NOW.


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  1. How wonderful it is that you know what your gift is and that you have been able to use it to help so many others. Definitely wanting to make it to one of your live events!

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