Duck Commander and A&E vs. American Free Speech

Duck Commander and A&E vs. American Free Speech

Overwhelmed by the news stories? If you have watched any news channel, read a newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media site, well you have heard everyone’s opinion that thinks they have a say in what is going on.

The truth is free speech has won again. We as Americans have an opinion and we are free to voice it at any time we wish. But in all this we forget the fact that we are entitled to our opinions. Instead we will trade it for our feelings and make judgments based on what we feel, not the facts of the case.

I could tell yesterday from the response to my blog post that people are just about reading the news and picking a side. Christians believe that free speech is losing. They want to be heard and feel that A&E is trying to quiet Christians. Meanwhile, my gay and lesbian friends are admitting Phil Robertson has a right to speak but are making the statement that he is a jerk and an idiot because he voiced such an opinion.

The news media is having a heyday with all this because it will get you glued to the set for about 36 hours to see if any breaking news comes out, if another statement has been made. So who are the winners in this fight? The news media wins because they got you to watch longer.

Yesterday I mentioned A&E wins because all this will get you to buy products with the name, “Duck Dynasty” on them. Phil Robertson wins because you will go to his personal website and buy his products that are not part of the licensing of the show.

The people who are losing? Too many Americans are all about taking a side. Sure, they may have a reason to do that but they will spend all their time and energy standing up for either what A&E stands for or what the Duck Commander stands for. They will not take the time to actually create a belief for themselves. They are too busy getting their ideas from their Christian leaders or the gay activist leaders.

Again, this blog is about business so I want to ask you entrepreneurs this question: What is the business lesson in this story??? You have freedom of speech; you are allowed to exercise that freedom and believe what you want no matter what camp you follow in this matter.

Since this started with a Biblical ideal, let’s talk about another idea from the Bible.


What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?


Both A&E network and Phil Robertson took a stand for what they believed. They did it because their beliefs were more important than the outcome.

A&E will lose a few viewers; Phil Robertson will have a stronger fan base of Christians. The truth is they will both profit from this because they took a stand, and they did it knowing some people will not be happy with their choices. They both knew they were going to offend someone.

The business point is you must take a stand for what you believe. Like the old country song said, “You’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.” Well, take a stand for what you believe in and build a business or follow that purpose as part of your business plan. When you do this, you will not become sidetracked by every call with a “great” money-making idea. You will profit more by taking a stand, as we will see both of the parties in this fight will do. In some cases they will profit from those that oppose their point of view.

So what is your stand going to be? What is the purpose that will make you get up and start working? It’s time to stop following what the world believes and start with what you believe.

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4 Replies to “Duck Commander and A&E vs. American Free Speech”

  1. Thank you, I have been accused of being argumentative, and I always point out that if we do not question our beliefs they will never change. Many of our “beliefs” are not really ours in the first place – they are inherited. Closed-mindedness is just fear of change, and where would we be without changes in beliefs?

  2. sherryprindle you have made some awesome points in your post. My husband and I are still in disbelief that people spend so much time and money watching and supporting these reality shows. We have yet to watch an episode of the Duck Family but that does not save us from knowing about them!

  3. This is a pretty tired narrative. Phil Robertson sharing about sex and race could hardly be called ‘taking a stand.’ A&E’s temporary suspension of the man is also far short of taking a stand. And freedom of speech was never at issue in this dispute.

  4. I always love when people comment on the “title” of a post. Just so they can give their “opinion”.

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