Day 4 Click funnels Ignited.

Day 4 Click funnels Ignited.


I just checked my emails to find out for the past 4 days that Russell Brunson was sending me these emails with small homework assignments in them to learn just a little more each day.

What a cool Idea, when you want to make changes to teach them a small step each day…. HMMMM if only I thought about that one….

Wait I did that when I launched my KickStart Your Blog Program. I set it up with just a little work each day and sent training in an email as well as small homework assignments.

So the day 4 email from Click funnels ( the series of emails is called Ignite your funnel) The teaching and homework was about setting up the integration between email system and click funnels. All I had done wrong was forgot to take one piece of code and add it back to the send grid system. and Boom it started working…

So what I learned is

  1. Look for the instruction manual dude. I know im a guy and I got to figure it out myself without asking for directions. But if I would have followed the directions I would not have spent the past 3 days lost.
  2. Oh I will be able to set up my KickStart Your Blog course in emails the same way that Russell has the system sending Ignite your funnel emails. I can get back to having my courses work the way they were intended.. Taking it a step at a time.

So this journey just got wild… Day 4 is the first day I feel like I might keep this Click Funnels thing after the trial is done….

So do you want to join me on this trial?  Click Funnels trial . Follow that link to get the 14 day free trial, yes its an affiliate link, and I will make money if you sign up… Check it out just like im doing.

My next step is to include this in my blogging training. We were looking for tools to make the online game work for speakers and coaches. Will let you know if we include this in our training.

talk to you tomorrow.


PS: If you would like to join us on this journey and create your own funnels, here is a link to get the 14 day Free trial. Click Funnels link, and yes its an affiliate link, so if you decide to continue I make some money…

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