Damn You Russell Brunson!! ~ Day 3 of the Click Funnels journey

Damn You Russell Brunson!! ~ Day 3 of the Click Funnels journey

Day 3 of the Click Funnels Journey….

For the members of the Frank Kern Inner Circle, you may get the joke…

If you are not a member of Franks Inner Circle, every time something goes wrong Frank blames Russell, it must be his fault…

So with that lets talk about my day 3 of this journey of creating and using Click Funnels….

On day three I finally got my mailchimp plugged in, and tested and found that names are being added to my list over there once they submit it.

The next goal was to get a payment gateway in place so I can actually sell something, and test this baby out.

With those two things in place its time to get started with creating an actual sales funnel, ya know one that actually puts money in my bank account….

This funnel has 4 steps to it,

  1. Step one opt in:  I want them to give me an email address. Then have a system of emails that come out to both teach something, as well as lead back to the sales page to get them to buy.
  2. Step two make a sale: This page is both a fun page, as well as an order form that says give me money.
  3. Step three, confirm the sale, offer an upsell: This page actually gets them to confirm with a video, stating thanks for your order. Now with your order placed would you like the add on for Free.
  4. Step four, Thank you: This is a thank you page putting together the order from step 2 and the upsell from step 3 together in a total.

Setting up this system was so hard, the first time it actually took me close to 5 hours to do. I could not find the part that was not complete. The system at the bottom kept telling me make sure all steps are complete to activate funnel. I went through for over an hour trying to find what I missed. Finally in frustration I said Im taking a break, and exited the page.

When I logged back in an hour later, I changed out the step one opt in page, still nothing. Then I added a split test page on the opt-in and it seemed to work fine…

Its been a fun journey, And while it took me all of 20 minutes to lay this out on a piece of paper, it took 5 hours to get laid out on the computer. Now I did set it up in my shopping cart, and on my webpage in under an hour. I will be testing this over the next few days to see which system gets the best results…

So while I spent most of the day making fists at my computer and saying “damn you Russell Brunson, its ok Russell I am starting to get the hang of this…


Still at this point of the game we have used up 3 days of the 14 day trial and still have not been able to use it to add one person to my list, and get a funnel out… So hopefully by the end of day 5 we get people to actually opt in..

Thanks it for todays journey…

See you tomorrow.


PS: If you would like to join us on this journey and create your own funnels, here is a link to get the 14 day Free trial. Click Funnels link, and yes its an affiliate link, so if you decide to continue I make some money…


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