How To Create your funnel without ClickFunnels……

How To Create your funnel without ClickFunnels……

Wait its day 5 of this Click funnels journey and you are NOT using it???? 


Whats up with that??? 


Yes its day 5 of this dudes wonderful journey into creating with Click-funnels and I wanted to talk about the idea of what to do without click-funnels.( you think Russell Brunson will be upset with that title?)

So im on the phone this morning with my good friend Sandra Dee, and she asks me about how I like click-funnels. Then she asks the question most people NEVER ask when it comes to all these fun tools everyone is talking about online…..


Ill answer that question in days in the next few days, stay tuned.

Which gave me the idea, hmm maybe I can show people the difference between using click-funnels and just using wordpress. You see over the years I have learned just enough with WordPress to make me dangerous. Between the 5 minute help sessions from my web designer Cynthia over at Speaker websites, and my Dallas friend Tony who hosts the largest WordPress group on

You see everything we need to learn, we will find a way to make it work, and if we can make it work it becomes harder to try anything that would require us to learn something new.

So I am working on this cool funnel which ill be sharing with my Inner Circle members about how to make money fast when I get everything done on both sides.

But today I thought I would show you with picture how this process is coming. I made the following pages on both my wordpress site, and a click-funnels funnel..

  1. Opt in page
  2. Order page
  3. Confirmation page
  4. Thank you page.

The emails and everything else to make this work, Well you will have to sign up for the funnel to see by example, or join the inner circle to get the behind the scenes details to make it work….

Opt in Pages




Click Funnels optin page.





WordPress  Opt in page.


Order Forms


Click Funnels Order form



Click Funnels Order Form




WordPress order form



WordPress Order Form





Confirmation pages


Click Funnels Confirmation page.






Word Press Confirmation page.




So with the tools I already have I could complete this funnel and make it work on my personal WordPress blog. Which one do you think has a better appearance?

Be sure to come back tomorrow where Ill share getting the emails in behind it all. That was an another puzzle all together.


Please let me know which one works better. Once this funnel is all set up ill give you the links to try it out. We will launch and share a video on the facebook page when its ready to go.


Oh and you want to try out this Click funnels thing click HERE for your FREE 14 day trial. its getting interesting. Yes the link is an affiliate link, if you decide to stay past the trial period Yes I make money. And Ill explain how you can make money doing the same in the coming days so make sure you are subscribed to our blog.


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