Coachable or Not

Coachable or Not

pa state signI know it’s Wednesday and I have been slacking a bit when it comes to the blog. After 6 weeks of travel and many miles on the bike, I am back at home. I took two days to try to get my balance back, to get that feeling that i’m in control again.

So I wanted to touch on something I was thinking about on the trip home: the idea of whether or not we are really coachable. Now, as you know I’m not one of the coaches who counts the people who are not getting coaching from me. Although I often use stories from my own life to illustrate points, it’s not about me; it’s about you and your growth.

While riding across my home state of Pennsylvania, I was thinking about the people who live there, the great common sense they have about life. And yet they are afraid to get out of that comfort zone and find the success that will drive their lives and businesses to a whole new level.

I visited more than 15 mom-and-pop or small businesses while I was there. Some owners I knew from years past; some had new owners I wanted to meet. I was in shock about how many of those business owners have no system, no search for growth, no ears to listen to any idea. They are stuck in the ways they put in place for themselves.

I was riding down some streets I knew when I was younger and noticed how the trees now hide the businesses. The trees have grown and no one has bothered to trim them.

I was asked for advice by some people whom I know that have some businesses. They asked me for a  few hints about how to grow their businesses, then immediately shut down the idea before I could get it out. I noticed those were the businesses with few people in them – no customers – and I wondered how soon it would be before they would be closing their doors like so many other businesses have since I left the state.

So it made me think, “Am I coachable in my business? If I ask for help, am I really listening?” So are you asking yourself like I’m asking myself, “Are you coachable?”

Rockstar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, the creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to take action on your dream, and make your 2013 Rock.

2 Replies to “Coachable or Not”

  1. Hellooooo!!! This is my home state. The state I grew up in until leaving at 19 to move to California and then coming home again at 32. I absolutely LOVE the beauty of the state. I like that people acknowledge you when you say hello (unlike LA where people ignore one another–oh, unless they are a little on the odd side, then you can’t get rid of them after you said Hi)

    I was brought up with the “get a good job” mantra, so I never thought of having my own business until I was in my 30s. But, trying to explain ideas and opportunities to, let’s call them Closed-minded, people who don’t want to hear anything different. I does get frustrating!

  2. People don’t even realize they are not coachable, so I admire and plan to emulate your practice of checking myself often to make sure I don’t succumb to the natural human survival strategy of: Safe = Same, Dangerous = Different.

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