Click Funnels Trial does NOT work..

Click Funnels Trial does NOT work..

My Click Funnels Journey day 10

So how is this click funnels journey working? 

Over the past 10 days I have been on a journey to try this Click Funnels thing that everyone is bragging about. They talk of how easy this is. They share how its helping their process.

For the past few days I have been out doing events, and had to come back home at the end of the day and spend hours trying to get one button to work. Or get a name to add to a list. Each day everything I try gets me more and more frustrated. I know how to do these things using WordPress, Optimize Press, and my shopping cart. Why does it take 6 hours on Click funnels to do some thing I can do in 2 minutes on other platforms.

So each day I have watched the Russell Brunson training video that comes in my email. Then watch the training video below. I do what they say and nothing happens.

I have reached out to my list of people who test things for me. And  no one who has told me they opted in, is opted in.

So its a frustrated point One thing I did was do just like Russell tells us to do in the videos. Just hit the help button and ask for help.. Did that also Russell… The response from the team: Check out this link here ( a generic link to the help page) I type in my problem on the help page, it takes me back to the generic top of the list.

So Click Funnels you have 4 days to impress me. And at this point it better be a WOW or BYE BYE…

NOTE: This email is exactly why we tell people to have a blog, you share the journey as you are going through it.

Now I would like to hear about your journey. If you took the 14 day trial and liked it. Tell me about it in the comments.


PS: While at this point im not excited to recommend it, still here is where you can take the trial and see if you get different results. Click Funnels 14day trial..


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