Click Funnels Time to make a choice Yay or Nay???

Click Funnels Time to make a choice Yay or Nay???

Day 13 in the Click Funnels 14 day Trial.

Its time to put up or shut up.. Will I continue to try and figure out this click funnels thing? Or will I just cancel it and keep doing the system that has worked for me?

Damaging Admission: These blog posts are NOT in any way meant to Judge, criticize, put down or even praise the Click Funnels system or site. This is just my journey of learning using their product. It is meant to share my journey, and give you an outside view of what others have faced while trying something new.

Every day we face choices in our life and our business. And once we make the choice, we move forward, we hope we made the right one. If you have been following my journey, I found some cool things along the way. Then I would hit a wall and get all frustrated. I remember day 4 the first time I was thinking this might not be for me. Then day 5 or 6 I found the emails they send out with the ignite your funnel.

Going through the emails after I found them in my inbox. And setting up some things was great. It seams like wow this should be an easy way to do what im doing.


The real learning curve comes in when I have to learn a new email system, as my One Shopping Cart system for emails and autoresponders does not work. So the options to try this out without connecting to another monthly fee to try it out: Mailchimp, or Sendgrid. Both of them have a learning curve that is different. If I made the choice to really go forward I would pick another simplistic system like Constant Contact. But both mailchimp and sendgrid are free to get started.

The next headache came when it takes days to get a payment system attached. I know many people are using stripe and I linked my account. But again its a learning curve, that I just dont have time to learn all this stuff in a 14 day time frame and keep up with other daily tasks I need to do right now.

Then comes the testing to see if the funnel actually works. I have like 10 random email addresses to test things with when doing new. And I could only get 3 of them to work for me signing up to test my own system. So what if I put my full faith in this system and then  I can only connect with  1/3 of the people who sign up?

So im not going to put this down, they have something that is real cool. But seeing it work for me, without paying for someone to set it up, or taking a few months to learn. I am finding it not as cool as the marketing said it would be. But again that is because of my own learning curve.

So today I will decide, yes im keeping it and going to try to figure it out while paying a month at a time to learn it. Or just cancel my account.

I will let you know tomorrow.

UPDATE: So after writing this, Click Funnels support commented on my facebook post from the last blog post. And inside my click funnels account they reached out saying they noticed my posts. So They have customer service on their side, So if they read this chances are they are a good company to deal with… Ill let you know.

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