My Click Funnels Journey.

My Click Funnels Journey.

Try something new Series Click Funnels


Yesterday I decided to try click funnels and see if this would be a great new way as part of the growing system of Rock Around Your Blog. They offer a free 14 day trial for Click Funnels. So im going to share my journey over the next 14 days with you, stay tuned for updates on my journey. Each day for the next 14 days I will give you an update to share my journey with this…

We have been working on creating a new system for our Rock Around Your Blog, And Tim Gillette Inner Circle community, of enhancing and using of tools online to build your list, and convert more leads into coaching clients.

This is not a sales pitch for the tool, just an opinion of one persons journey in to a new product or system. Yes I have affiliate links in this post if you wish to give it the 14 day try with me. Like our 30 blogging challenge, and 21 day live stream challenge, we may make this a challenge. Just write your notes in the comments to let us know your journey.


The first thing you need to do is integrate things. Email autoresponder system, and payment gateway. Currently all of those things are in my shopping cart with Rockstar Cart. But that system does not seam to connect with Click Funnels, So I must use one of theirs to make it work.

I choose to use Send Grid, as I would also need to upgrade my old Mailchimp system to be able to work with them. and that is additional costs just to try things out. It looks like payment gateway options are going to be Stripe, or getting my gateway company to connect with it.. More on that in the next day or so, when connected to Barb and Jason over at Loyalty Processing.

Each day is going to be a challenge, It appears that the its simple and have this up and running in a day is not true..

I did create a opt-in funnel, but the email system is much harder than the simple ones Ive used. This could be that Im used to the way the shopping cart works, and before that using mailchimp. Even mailchimp has changed and is a learning curve also.

So goals for day 2, get email system, as well as an email connected and see if we can send out an email.

On with the journey. See you tomorrow.

IF you want to join the 14 day free trial. Here is a link to join, yes its my affiliate link, and I make money if you decide to continue…

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