Click Funnels Journey Continues

Click Funnels Journey Continues

Click Funnels Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Click funnels journey.

So if you read yesterdays post to hear about this journey you know that I am posting each day about how im learning something new. 

If you missed yesterday click HERE.

So day 2 I figured out how to connect my Mailchimp account. And got my first sign up… Still a little confused on many things of linking the outside sources but im sure ill figure most out by day 14 and make my decision if im gonna keep this thing.

I did learn you will have to have certain things from the outside world hooked up or it will not work.

  1. Email autoresponder. I connected mailchimp, but also started a send grid account. But they have ways to connect the main ones Constant Contact, and Aweber. Which are usually the ones I recommend. But testing things to help those who are in my programs to have a system laid out for them to get up and going fast.
  2. You will need to connect your payment gateway. I am going to work on getting a stripe account tomorrow. Also going to connect to Barb and Jason over at Loyalty Processing and will let you know how that works out.
  3. Connected to the webinar service. I use webinar jam and so far it seams to connect, will be setting up a webinar funnel in the next few days to see how that works.

So as I mentioned above I was able to set up my first opt in funnel. And did get someone to sign up. But only have 1 email in the system so need to add more emails. There is a tab that has emails.

Each day is a journey. Im only sharing a few things a day on here. Will be making this part of our new training for coaches, and speakers to work with a blog in the coming months. If you have not signed up for our blogging trainings, you get to attend all of them live for FREE. Sign up here to get notifications. 

See you tomorrow.


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