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This is the New website.


Over the past 2 years, its been a journey. Life has been a transformation.

As this new site is developed for you over the next few weeks, we want to keep you informed.

Speaking of our site and you… If you have come to this site from an old blog post that no longer exists, would you write and tell us?

Each of our old 800+ blog posts will be rewritten and reformatted as an Archive post once a week. If there’s something from the past you wanted, let us know to get it ready for you sooner.

Some of the new features and posts…

Rants: Those facebook Live videos turned into a blog post, with notes, a youtube video from the day it was recorded live.

Rock Around Your Blog Show from Blab: We have about 30% of the show that were recorded on blab in 2015 and 16, with some formatting, editing, and changes we will make them into blog posts.

Tim Gillette Radio Show: Recordings of the Radio shows, from both Radio Star Networks, Blab, and Blog Talk Radio.

Archive Day: Rebuilt blog posts from the past, with a few updates. In some cases, things you are searching for, and find on our old blog are no longer relevant, lets face it both our worlds change. So we will update, and bring to life some of the old posts one day a week.

Some new…

Tim Gillette Show: Interviews with leaders in business like you. Talking about your success, your story, and some personal story. Also we have a special twist at the end of each show that we have not seen in any other Interview podcast, or Live Streamed show. ( news about it coming soon )

Weekly blog post about Life and Business: Just like the past, finding things in the day to day world. Ill share my story of what I’m going thru to help you go thru what your dealing with.

Not going to say the past was bad, But it was time to make some improvements…

Hope you join us on this journey. Subscribe to get updates emailed straight to you…

Looking forward to connecting with you more.

Tim Gillette

Change is hard. But im willing.. Are you??

As we enter this last month of the year 2017 its time to change. Do you feel you need to change?

I feel I do.

Image the world you wanted to find when you were young.

Picture your future, if you keep on the path you are going on. Where does it lead?

The older I’ve gotten the more I realize how lazy I’ve become…

Hopefully you are not as lazy as me.

So as we have been getting our websites and blog ready for change, its not the website that needs a change. Life needs a change also.

How about you??? Do you feel you need to change?

Walking through our local grocery store today, I realize how as a small business person with a system for everything, its easy to get what I’m looking for. You know the point, you stop looking to other small business people to get the products or services you need. You head to your grocery store, or online store now to get things the simple way. Or you pick up the most marketed product (the jingle sticks in your head)

Its time for change, when you hate cold sales pitches, and like the warm relationships that lead to the sales you want.

So tell me about your business….

Today I reached out to the first of people I know who have a product line that I could use, instead of a major brand. I could support a small business person instead of some major corporation.  BUT they must meet with me to let me know they care about me, and not just my money.

When we choose an insurance agent a few years ago it was someone who had a relationship with me. Someone who spent time getting to know me. Someone who did business with me in my last business. So my friend Jeff became our insurance agent, he was willing to sit down and talk over my needs, not just have me talk to his assistant.

So today I sent a message to another friend Kristi, lets see if she is willing to do the same as my insurance agent….

Better yet….

I’m changing the way of finding customers in my business, its time to have some personal meetings to talk over the needs of my future clients. As a consultant, and coach its time to have some one on one meetings again to see if what they need is what I’m offering.

So its time to meet new people, make friendships, and do business with friends again.

So tell me about you???

Lets get to know each other…

Really tell me….

7 Lessons Learned From Big Bang Theory

Where do you find wisdom?  Do you search new places to learn?

Over the years of looking for new places to learn from, today I’ve sharing with you things learned from watching the popular TV show Big Bang Theory. With actor Jim Parsons, as Sheldon Cooper. Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Simon Helberg as Howard, Kunal Nayyar as Raj.

This show has become a great form of entertainment for both my wife and I, so I created this list so you can both join us in the humor, and maybe learn from the fun and laughs.

A hot beverage is always a great comfort.  

  • Find the simple things that bring you comfort in life, to help with your troubled times.
  • Use those simple tools to help other, Success comes from helping others.

You don’t need to have a fancy degree to walk in outer space. 

  • Believe in your dreams, no matter how far out they are.
  • Don’t let qualifications, titles, age, or education hold you back from what you want to do.

Nothing Beats Grandmas Cookies 

  • You are never to old to go to grandmas house, her cooking can bring a smile to your face.
  • You have to create traditions, as well as pass down those your family gave you.

A Childhood Song is Always the Best Medicine

  • Place some faith in those things you grew up with.
  • Don’t always count on modern medicine to cure what wrong with you, sometimes its the oldies but goodies that will save the day.

No Matter How Good Looking you are, or how much you know, it will not give you confidence. 

  • When you comparing yourself to others, it only takes your worst and compares to their best.
  • You are the person that needs to build your confidence, and you only.

Love Your Mother, even when she doesn’t approve

  • Your parents are not perfect, they love you but don’t understand your path.
  • Do what you feel is right, your parents will come around when the time is right.

Disputes can be solved by a roll of the Dice, or a game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

  • We cant always get along, we are different, lets all just be ourselves.
  • When we cant get along maybe we should play a silly game to how silly we look when fighting.

Hope these help you find some lessons of your own. Did you learn something from a strange place? Do you have life lessons you learn from watching Big Bang Theory? Let us know in the comments below..


Tim GilletteTim Gillette is an Author, Speaker, and Blogger from Dallas TX. Sharing his view with a Rock n Roll Twist. Creating self help and coaching programs like Rock Around Your Blog, Rock n Roll Keys to Business Success, and Rock The Cashbox.

Time to Get Over IT



This post may offend some, if you are offended its time to get over it.

The sky is falling

The sky is falling

Dude the Sky is FALLING.

I have heard all of the people claim the sky is falling for years now. They think the world is going to end because:

Obama was president- well we lived through 8 years of him and the world didn’t end.

Trump is president- Really this is a world is going to end, we survived many of bad, and good choices for this office over the years one more is not going to kill us.

Hillary didn’t win- Yes would be great to have a woman actually get elected to the office, for now that was not the one.


They are building a pipeline – newsflash they have already built hundreds of them.

He wants to build a wall – Well lets see what really gets done, I have heard this wall talk before, been there, its mostly a fence.

We need to take away all the guns – Guns are not the problem, idiots with guns are.

We need free health care – Really, someone has to pay for it. Imagine your doctor coming to your business and asking you to give him your services for free.


We need free college education – I have no college education, the best thing a young person can learn is if you want something make money and pay for it.

Hey can I get a discount – Have you noticed that most of the people who ask for a discount, usually never give one in their business.

They price of oil is falling- The prices of things have gone up and down as long as history has been here.

The price of gas is going up again – Yes it would be great to have the good old days of gas for a dollar but lets face it thats long gone.


Global warming – This is by far the biggest over rated Sky is falling cry. Yes its happening but not as fast as you think.

The stock market is gonna crash – This is a serious one but its happened how many times in the history of the stock market?

We need a world that is “equal” – We have equality in the places that are needed, here in America anyway.

The cost of my beer is rising – dude inflation, prices are going to go up, by looking at the way you act maybe you could skip a beer or two this week.


This post may offend some, but the truth is almost all of these things are not life threatening, we have become a world that lives in a plastic bubble its time to put on our big girl, or big boy panties on. When I see all the protests, and people doing things in the name of we need to fight the system it feels like an insult to call myself an american. We have so much rights and privileges in this world we live in and to go to the streets to protest to get more is worse that a toddler throwing a fit.

Its time to GET OVER IT. I have some real things that bother me in life, but like the story of the dog sitting on the porch just moaning, and groaning. When it bothers me enough ill get up and do something about it. Guess that is why im writing this blog post today, some of the people talking about these stupid things is a bother. I hate certain things, but do not hate the people. Its the actions they take that get to me. Things that bother me:

I hate when someone is on their phone while driving, not talking but texting, or looking up facebook, or something stupid. When you pick up and look at your phone while your car is in drive you are threatening someones life, maybe your own. Going back to the 2010 study that showed more people died in car accidents that with guns, that makes your car more of a death threat than a gun, take some responsibility and put the phone down, driving your car should be first.

I hate it when I pull into my super market parking lot and cannot find parking places because they all have scatter shopping carts in them. We have become a world of lazy, people cannot take an extra minute out of their life to take the cart and push it to the place for storing the carts, they just leave it. These are also the people who would be the first to complain if I left my cart and they watched the wind push it into their car. It takes less effort to be human and respect the world around you, each time we go to the store we take a push someones cart they left in the middle of the lot back to the store.

I hate when people drive under the speed limit in the left lane. This is part of my first hate, but it continues in Dallas we have many of streets that have 3 lanes in each direction. We have many people who will drive in the left lane and usually 7 to 10 miles under the speed limit, no cars in front of them, no cars beside them. I no that usually im the faster driver, but seeing these people drive so slow in the fast lane is just a frustration to me. Again these are probably the people who are complaining about the successful business man whom they work for. They say things like he is lucky and they should share their wealth.

So I have things that bother me, and usually I read into them way to far. BUT the world is not ending because the guy on the phone in front of me is sitting at a green light blocking traffic so he can take a selfie and add it to his facebook page. The world will not end because I have to push my neighbors shopping cart back because he is lazy. And last the world will not end because I have to drive slower to a point where I can get around this person who has no drive or ambition in their life.

What I have to do, and if any of the things above bother you we all need to




Tim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

I don’t care anymore, what a shame


This weekend is the big game, you know that game where the two greatest football teams in America face off to crown a new champion.Do you care? I personally do not care.

With all that has happened in our world over the past year it has come down to this.

I don’t care anymore. 

I know everyone is going to jump on board and create a boycott, add a hashtag on social media to get lots of people to send 4000 messages each and claim how this is a hot and trending topic.

Before we start a protest and label it another “not my ” protest about how we don’t like what teams are playing, or the political statements in the commercials. Talk about who is playing the half time show and how they will use this to push some stupid movement, or plan.

Here is what it has come to with so many things in pop culture, its no longer about the actual game. Really I know its the patriots and the Falcons playing. I know its the biggest day for the NFL and they call it the super bowl.

That is it, I would like to watch the game for the sake of seeing a great sport, two teams who play their hearts out to win and at the end of the day walk home with a trophy, and get to hold that title of superbowl champions.

I remember watching games for just that, watching award ceremonies to see who wins an award, who gets nominated, what movie wins, what song wins, who gets into the hall of fame.

BUT we have now gotten past those days, now its about who likes or doesn’t like actions political parties are doing. Who likes or doesn’t like our president, or what stupid little thing he is doing to try to change a world his voters asked him to do.

Now its all about “lets use this moment in time to tell the American people how we feel”. and guess what I DON’T CARE. I do not care about your opinion about what is going on in politics, I may agree with it, and I may not agree with it. BUT you have chosen to take this moment where we just want to be entertained, and using this to get on your soap box and preach at us. If we want to be preached at, I know many of churches in America where I can go to have some minister tell me how bad life is.

So this is not a boycott, ill probably still have the game on, ill ignore the great tradition of what seeing some awesome creativity in commercials, Ill miss watching a game to see who really wants to win in. Because you have decided to make this about your political opinion.

So football stars, actors, singers, commercial creators. SHUT THE FUCK UP! I DON’T CARE what your opinion is. and that is what it is your OPINION. We are paying you for your entertainment, skills, talents, NOT what you think we need to change.

This is my opinion, if we get back to those things of play for us, entertain us, perform for us, that will be a great America to me. If you want to share your opinion why not get started with a blog, use your twitter, facebook, and other social media platforms. Maybe even be a commentator on a morning show, where they discuss this stuff, not our game.

Its time to respect us who watch, respect your fans, and just maybe stand and salute the flag in respect to all those veterans who made it possible for you live in a FREE country.

Tim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

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