Read this before you Delete your facebook profile.

So now I watch as friends who are deleting their facebook, twitter, social media profiles. They think the hate is just to much. You stop to see what your kids, grandkids, or old friend from high school is doing. 
Within minutes you are involved in an argument about Donald Trump, the wall, Taxes, Human rights etc. You start fighting over what “facts” are. You are sure you are right, and what they are saying is wrong. Because you read one of your friends posts you now see it all.
This month its all about what Donald is doing wrong, last year it was all about what Obama was doing wrong.
So the newest way they figure is lets “delete” our facebook profile. Lets get off social media and get back to “real life”. If I do this I will stop hearing the hate..
Well I think maybe I should warn you…
Warning: this is another great idea that the traditional media wants you to do. To put them back in control of the information you see.
Both our current president, and former president used social media to connect to you. Both were able to reach you with their message. Imagine a world where certain people were in control of the information you receive.
Would you alway receive the truth?
Would you like a world where someone else controls what you see and hear?
Over the past few years getting notice on social media of something happening is much better. And now with “live-streaming” in the mainstream, more and more im getting a “live feed” from someone I know, or someone that I trust because someone I knew introduced them to me.
So think about this before you delete all your social media, and relay on what the media tells you about what is going on. They are in the game for what gets ratings, not always the truth…
Instead think about cleaning up your social feeds. Start with getting rid of the people who only see things their own way. You can tell them by how they fight over what they claim to be “the facts”, they are a willing to fight and most of the time its just for fighting sake..
If you have an opinion turn it into a blog, share your beliefs on a blog page and turn it into a place where you can gain some subscribers, and possible control your own online media space.
Sound like something interesting?
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Tim GilletteTim Gillette is the Creator of The Rock’N’Roll Keys to Business Success, using music, motorcycles and mentorship to create Entrepreneurs who lead. To find out more about upcoming webinars sign up here .  Free Online Training that Rocks.

A Week of Tragedy

tragedy1I want to get started on a week of talking about real tragedy in our world. Mostly these are things that are starting to piss me off as an American. I want to use this week to talk about how the real solutions to the problems in America today start with the entrepreneur or, should I say, those who create America every day.

I have noticed on my blog and on many things that are going on in the world and it has started to get to me that so many people are not taking real responsibility for their own actions.

Yes, we had some tragedy in out country in the past week, over the past few months and the past year. Many talk about supposed “fixes” but they are not looking at the real solutions, just the excuses they use.

While my blog is one to help entrepreneurs get up and take action, to create a better business and life, I also use this blog to share my Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. This week I’m going to use one of those keys as my weekly topic.

Rock ‘n’ Roll singers have used their songs, images and resources to make changes in the world. Well that is what entrepreneurs do also. We use our businesses to build tools that shape a better world and better life for those who want it.

This week I may piss off a few people. It may seem like I’ll come down hard on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and other news media, but it’s not them who are the problem. It may seem like I am slamming President Obama, congress, or other government officials, but the message is for all of us, not just them.

It will seem like I’m for or against a few things: gay marriage, gun rights, and abortion. But the truth is we are a divided selfish nation that needs to respect those people who help us make this a great nation.

I might curse some at my fellow Christians and kick a few atheists in the pants. But we need to start knowing what we believe and stop forcing others to believe what we do. Faith is ours; we choose it or we reject it. That is PERSONAL. We influence others by the way we live our lives and by our actions, not by trying to force them to fit into our personal molds.

Last we are going to chat about the REAL action that must be taken, so you have been warned: if this week’s posts piss you off, great! Take action in one of two ways:

1. Sit on your butt and keep doing the same thing: nothing.

2. Take the anger and use it to look in the mirror, start fixing you and let others fix themselves.

Welcome to America. It’s time to stand up and make changes. Real entrepreneurs are the ones who will change this world. Are you in?

I’m Tim Gillette, the Creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to love the journey and make some changes that will rock your world in 2013.

Just the Good Old Boys

DHC-98-6AIt’s the last day of the week on Hot Rods of Influence. Wow! What a V-8, non- turbocharged Rock ‘n’ Roll week this has been. So we are down to one last car in the Top Five Hot Rods of Influence.

I checked the numbers and it has been proven time and time again that this car has influenced more custom car builders than any other hot rod in history. This car was the only one on our list that was part of both a TV show and a movie.

The TV show is supposed to have used over 200 cars in the years 1979 to 1985 in all the stunts and jumps that were filmed as part of the show. So many versions of this car have been made. When you do a photo search for the car, you can see custom paint jobs based on this famous car on many other vehicles.

When looking over the Internet for information on the car and its influence on the hot rod industry, I noticed Hot Rod Magazine placed it as the most influential car that inspired people to build a custom car. Even though they’re different, so many people have created cars that were inspired by the 1969 Dodge Charger using the famous General Lee paint scheme.

In the height of the popularity of the TV show, Dukes of Hazzard, the car became the star of the show and was in many ways more famous than the actual stars. Still Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke will always be a great memory of my favorite TV show of my early teen years.

There are two things that were part of that show that have lived until this day: the General Lee and the Daisy Duke shorts. Those are two things that most men remember about the show, though not always in that order.

When I am asked to talk about my Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to business success, I tell how you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. You need to build yourself and your brand as the star that will be remembered many years from now, just like the car, the General Lee.

We are finishing up our week in the middle of our three-day Rock ‘n’ Roll Success Summit in Dallas where our teachings of “way outside the business box thinking” take the entrepreneur to success. My tips have worked to build extreme ideas in many businesses, just like the General Lee standing out as the Hot Rod classic of all time.

So I leave you to have a great weekend and spend your time thinking of ways to make your business jump, to become a classic for today and all time.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to unlock your dream and make some changes to love your life again. Are you ready for Rock ‘n’ Roll success in your world in 2013?

American Graffiti: The Original Hot Rod

John Milner had the ultimate car. The ‘32 Ford Coupe was and still is considered a very influential car in the world of those who build Hot Rods. In my years of painting cars, I remember the paint color “Hot Rod Yellow” and this is the car I think of every time I hear that color name.

I was reading today about the cars used in this movie and how, after the movie had been filmed, they advertised them for sale in a newspaper in California. It’s hard to believe but even at prices of less than a $1000, they found buyers for only one car. This car was not one most people were interested in.

The value in many of today’s successful businesses was not that great when the first started. They were like the movie, American Graffiti. It was an idea at one time; it was filmed; it went to the theaters just like all the movies we see today. It did not become a legend over night.

Most people build great ideas for business and give up on them far too early. Just the other day I was reading about the story of the Ronald Wayne, who sold his 10% stake in Apple in 1976 for $800. Now his stake would be worth over $58 billion.

When we are creating our business or life, we never know what the value will be in 20 years. The Hot Rod of the ‘70s and ‘80s became a big investment for many over the past 20 to 30 years. Too many times we overlook the great value of something that will change the world, because it was not a million dollar baby overnight.
American Graffitiis an iconic movie that has become a legend over the past 40 years. That is a work career to many people, but it all started with an idea, just like your business right now could be an idea that could change the world in 20 years.

RockStar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to unlock your dream and make some changes to love your life again. Are you ready for Rock ‘n’ Roll success in your world in 2013?

Sharp Dressed Car: Hot Rods With Impact

I grew up in the ‘80s, in the days when MTV was just starting. Music videos were talked about by everyone in my high school. Some of the best music videos from the ‘80s had hot rods in them and they left some great memories in my Rock ‘n’ Roll mind.

I use a Whitesnake song in my speeches and seminars. Its video shows two Jaguars with Tawny Kitaen dancing across their hoods and it’s a big memory of the ‘80s. But when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roll and hot rods, only one car could make our list of Top 5 Most Influential hot rods.

In the early ‘80s, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top built one of the best-known hot rods of all time. It was the cover picture of two of their albums: Eliminator and Afterburner, which featured a spaceship version of the car. Billy Gibbons has built a few hot rods in his day, but this one was a car that cemented its place in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.

The car was also used in all of the videos from that album: “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Gimme All Your Lovin’.” Many people built hot rods from 1930s coupes but this one is a legend in the music industry as well as the hot rod world.

Many times people ask me why I wear the same outfits, dress the same, use my motorcycle in my events and speaking. Well, it’s the same for me as it was for ZZ Top. They used that car in all they did for promotion because it’s a way to make your passion a part of your business. It’s a way to take the things that you really love to do and use them in the part of your life that others would call work.

If you want to find a successful person, find someone who takes something he or she loves and finds a way to monetize it. Those people become successful more than others. They walk home at the end of the day not feeling like they worked; it was part play for them.

And who knows? Maybe your passion could be part of something larger than just a business or brand. It could be part of something that changes history. That’s the lesson today from a group who will forever be known as the “Little Old Band From Texas.” Thanks for the memories, Billy.

RockStar Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to unlock your dream and make some changes to love your life again. Are you ready for Rock ‘n’ Roll success in your world in 2013?

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