Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics

newbike_nI remember close to 11 years ago when the slump began, the slow point in my car wash business. And it was not just the sales that were slumping, but so many other things, too, that had made the business not so fun anymore. I remember going through that period of slow sales, trying to figure out what it was that I needed to do to get my sales back up and bring back my enthusiasm.

We all face it; we all have the times when we don’t love what we do, when we are not making the same sales or same numbers we made before. We sit and ask, “What do I need to change to make this thing work?”

In the five years I have been building this thing called the Rock ’n’ Roll Keys to Business Success, I have branched out in so many ways, doing things I never thought I could do or, in some cases, doing things I said I never would do.

This past year, I began thinking about where I started and what I have been through. Most importantly, I focused specifically on the part of the business I loved most. I love the radio show; I love speaking; I love hosting the Rock ’n’ Roll Entrepreneur Bootcamp. But I also love writing – something I have not focused on recently. I realized that I really missed the writing that I used to do.

So I decided that in 2015 I will get back to basics, get back to regular blogging. I am not going to stop doing some of the other things, but I want to get back to doing this one thing I love to do and have missed.

As you start this New Year, if you’re facing a slump or losing your enthusiasm, why don’t you take a look back at what basics you miss doing? Where can you make a change that gets you back to things you love, back to those things that made you more profits in your business?

Write down some thing you need to do to get back to basics this year. It’s time to make a list of what helped you get your business or dream started – those things you miss doing – and start doing them again.

rock n Roll speaker Im Tim Gillette telling you its time to Take action to get what you want.

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