Your argument proves the Law of Attraction is not real.

Your argument proves the Law of Attraction is not real.

The Law of Attraction is not real… Ok I said it… Does that make it true?

WARNING: This post is not to prove, nor disprove that the law of attraction works. I am not posting this to change your belief system. Just using this to share an idea…..

Im just sitting here watching the world go by. over the past few years its getting real interesting. Really people do you run this stuff through your head before saying it???

Yes the political world has been a real circus this year. Social Media is ruling the world. Those who had control are losing the control.

The actions being taken online are starting to look like acts of desperation.

Yesterday I noticed a FB post with screen shot of a TV host being misquoted. Then the people sharing it, went on to share him explaining the misquote, and saying guess he did a reverse on his quote when he started to lose business.

Its a game and they are using you to fuel the fire… Most are way to blind to see.

But now lets talk about this relates to the Law of Attraction.

I have been in the coaching world for 7 years now and meet these people all over the place. They swear how the law of attraction is working.. How they can prove it.

Each time I make a statement like in the title of this post, those law of attraction people attack, and attack with an argument…

So if you believe this law of attraction, then WHY are you arguing about it?????

Think about it for a moment, that is like telling people they should not HATE, and their is a lot of that going around also. Then tell everyone to hate those that dont agree with you.

Lets face it if we believe something, and others don’t then why are we arguing about it??????

They do not believe, you do. Let it go…

So if you truly believe something, why are you using things to prove your disbelief. That is the point here today. If you truly believe in the law of attraction, then you believe ill get what I believe. Not fight with me to get me to believe….

If you truly do not approve of hate in this world, then you should not preach hate to those whom you feel spread hate.

Time to Live your truth….

So what is your truth????


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2 Replies to “Your argument proves the Law of Attraction is not real.”

  1. Good stuff Tim. I’m right there with you. Recently I saw a video with some (shall remain nameless) big name celebs that were talking about LOA and how you will attract what you fear. Really? I fear being attacked by a shark and since I have no plans to go into the ocean should I be looking for a sharknado to blow through??

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