Are You Lazy?

Are You Lazy?

lazyThe world is full of people who would never answer “yes” to the question, “Are you lazy?” But I know that I am one of the laziest people I know!

My daily habit from the moment I get up in the morning is to search for the easiest way to get the job done. I want to work harder – wait, no. I don’t. What I really want is the results of working harder without having to do the work.

Stop and think about this for a moment: are you lazy?

Each morning I see a line at the drive-through at my local coffee shop that wraps around the building. But I never have to wait in line when I just walk inside.

When I get to the grocery store and find shopping carts all over the parking lot because the last shoppers left them there instead of making that 30-second walk to put them in the designated area, I always stop and take one back to the front of the store as I’m walking up.

When I get out of my car someplace and notice a small candy wrapper, or water bottle on the ground, I simply bend down pick it up and put it in the trash.

These things make it seem like I am not a lazy person. BUT when I get home from work, the first thing I do? Turn on the TV. Sit down. Pick up my computer game.

I once heard Zig Ziglar make a statement about church. He said, “If you think the church has too many hypocrites, it’s not true. We have always room for one more, so come join us.”

So we all have some form of laziness inside us, and, yes, it’s good to have some of it there. The laziness, or searching for the comfortable, is what drives many entrepreneurs and small business owners to find solutions. Those solutions create customers, which create sales, which create income, which creates jobs.

Take a look at your life today and just imagine a world where you took a little more action to create comfort. If you took more action in your business, would you create more jobs? More income? More customers?

Thanks for listening to this little rant. Now, I’d better get off my butt and get some work done to make more money.

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