Another Great Business Idea

Another Great Business Idea

3 sticksSo I have a good friend who each year seems to have the next great business idea. She has told me about so many great plans, business ideas, and MLM opportunities in the past 10 years that I’ve lost track of the number.

I am sure you have people like this in your life; they are the dreamers who want to change their lives. Most of them have a similar problem when it comes to jobs. They change jobs just as much as they do MLM ideas each year.

A few months back I made some posts about the self-help cycle, an idea that was from a sermon that my pastor shared a few years back. This same cycle is so familiar in many things in our world, from the job changer looking for the greener grass, to the person sharing how this MLM is the one that will be the next big thing.

Last month I received a text message from three people message about the next big app that was out. I don’t remember the name, but it was three different people talked to me about it and already I have been told of something else new.

This is reason number three why MLM people fail: they have nothing that is consistent or reliable in their lives or businesses, for that matter. Just like I mentioned earlier when I wrote about the self-help cycle, things go well in the business idea until… Well, until we screw it up.

Once the screw-up is made, then we are quick to give up, and, after giving up, we find something as the cause of the latest idea that didn’t work out. When something new comes along we are quick to jump on the new thing and hit it with full force again like it’s that next big app I was told about last month.

The solution to the serial opportunity person is they need to become consistent in one thing and then build to these others. I have a friend, Jason, who was a leader in a large MLM here in Dallas. Jason was very successful with a hard-working team built behind him.

When the company stopped being a reliable system, Jason then sought out a new place to lead his team. Jason did not want to switch, but felt responsible to his team to find another place for them to continue, and a place he could put his word to say they were consistent and reliable.

To solve this problem you are going to have to find some place in life where you can become known and reliable. For me it was a pattern of consistent posts on this blog. That gave me a foundation to then build other areas: coaching, speaking, radio show, and live events and workshops.

You have to get to the place where people know they can find you. Then, when the changes are needed due to others not being reliable, the team will follow you because your reputation is that of being reliable and consistent.

So, have you found the place where your MLM is failing? We still have two more areas that need to be addressed this week. If you want to find out which one is holding you back, sign up now for our next Live Event Get the help you need to become one of the successful people in an MLM.

RockStar  Tim Gillette I’m Tim Gillette, creator of the Rock ’n’ Roll Keys to Business Success. It’s time to take action and start living your dream. Are you ready to change and make 2013 rock?

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