9 Questions to ask before Starting in Network Marketing.

9 Questions to ask before Starting in Network Marketing.

Have you been approached at your coffee shop recently about a business opportunity?

Maybe you have a friend who wants to show you this new business idea he has.

Network Marketing has been around for decades. They are a great business model for many searching for some way to gain freedom from their 9-5 Job.

But before you get started in that new business venture lets talk about some things you need to answer to find out if this is right for you.

Here are a handful of questions you need to look at before you start.

  1. Are you actually ready to start a Business?  The first thing you need to know is this is a business. This is not going to be easy. You will need to do more then just show up and punch a clock, do a task, collect a check. Do some research on what it means to be an Entrepreneur.
  2. Are you willing to follow your sponsor in your network marketing system 100%? You are going to have to put faith in those that are here to mentor you. They have learned what works, what does not. Your success will be in line with how well you are willing to follow the success system. Those who are successful, find a successful system and duplicate it.
  3. Will you enjoy selling the product this company offers? Those people who build a business because they need money almost always burn out, and become very unhappy with life. One of the traits of a successful entrepreneur is they Love what they do. Only do this if you can see yourself enjoying doing the selling, and marketing of this product.
  4. Do you like the person you are about to start working with? You are about to enter a business relationship that is going to be like family. You will be doing things together, working together, and most likely become great friends in the process. So you better like this person.

    Maybe at this point we should give you some questions to ask the person you are about to enter into business with. Yes you are going to be working with a company, but the best ticket to your success is going to be your sponsor, or the person who is sharing this idea with you.

    Yes they have some skin in the game, your success is part of their success. As network marketing is a business model where they make a small amount of money for each dollar you make. So its going to be a business, yet personal relationship.

  5. Ask your sponsor how long they have been doing this business with this company?  Its good to be honest with the people you are going to do business with. They should be honest and tell you the truth about how long they have been involved.  In some cases you will find they are new, and that is ok, we all start somewhere. So lets ask this question next.
  6. Who is the support staff To reach out to besides your sponsor when you need help? And How much experience do they have in building a Network Marketing business? There are going to be times when you don’t see eye to eye with your sponsor and friend. You need to know you can go to their sponsorship and get help, or questions answered when you need it.
  7. As a leader how many members on your team have you lead to the first level?  If they are just getting started then ask the same question to their direct sponsors.  The first level of success in the company, and the numbers they have helped get there is a good sign of how well the system they have in place. A good leader has a system and just repeats it.
  8. What is the history of the company? This is important, while many new network marketing companies are being started over the past few years. Many have failed, and you want to know the kind of people you are dealing with. I highly recommend you do a google search on them to find out who the founders are, and what history they have.
  9. Are the people in your group happy and successful? These business models are built on teams. And you are going to be at many events with the team members. Just like the question above about will you be happy doing this, you will want to be around people who are happy.

When it comes to getting started in a Network Marketing company, there are many companies, many stories. While if your close friend told you about an opportunity you have a relationship with them. You have built trust. But if you just met someone, maybe you should ask some questions to make sure this is something you want to do with your future.

Hope these help before you start that new venture.

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  1. This is a great article. So many people see sparkles and just dive in without doing any research. I’ll be sharing this one!

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