6 Things You Should Do to Get Clients Faster With Your Blog

6 Things You Should Do to Get Clients Faster With Your Blog


People area always asking me about making money with a blog. Its usually the most asked question I get. And while I do make money with the blog, creating it and blogging for money was not the first reason to start a blog.

I have always had the focus on using my blog to get clients. Yes im a blogging coach, and yes I have a funnel with hopes when you read this you opt in to what I do, and hopefully become a part of our Inner Circle some day.

With that I want to share with you 6 Steps to make your blog do just that, Get Clients.

  1. Don’t make it about you. One of the first traps I fell into was talking about me, and what I could do to help people. You see the ideas being shared here are to help you. If the business you have is not connecting with people you need to change your focus and start helping people. The more you help, the more money you will make.
  2. Stop Chasing people..The idea of chasing people for business gives them the impression that you are desperate. Using a blog is a place to position yourself as an authority in what you do.
  3. Dont Talk to the bad ones. When it comes to clients have you ever had a bad client? Someone you could not wait to get rid of? So learn who it is you dont want to talk about and stop doing things that attract them into your business.
  4. Define who is your easiest to land as clients and customers.  Who is your ideal client? Ideal could include many things, How easy they are to get, how easy they are to work with, how easy they are to keep. Find out who they are. The ideal client is one that saves you time in finding them, they become easy to maintain, and a joy to work with.
  5. NOW focus all your content on reaching the clients in step 4.  Really once you have locked in who they are, where the easy place is to reach them.. Then like the old hair commercial Lather Rinse Repeat. Really stop making it hard.
  6. Use your content to show them the results they want… The world is full of business owners who can produce a card, and sales pitch and land people as a client. But what you need to do is show them the results they would get in working with you in advance and watch them become the easy to get, long lasting client.

Over the years, I have found many of things like this, but today wanted to share these 6 with you. If you put this into action when blogging about your business. Just watch the change in your results from any marketing you do that leads through your blog.

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