4 things you should do daily to build community

4 things you should do daily to build community

You only get today once. This day will not be repeated in your life ever again.

But each day we get a new chance to make a change that will impact tomorrow.

Over the past year I’ve been working and looking for the few things that would build me, as well as the community of people like you. Something about that word community, it includes more than me.

If you are reading this then you have become part of my community, but I may not be part of yours yet..

So each day I decided to do something that builds community, not just my community. But any who come in contact with me that day. Here are the 4 things I do each day to help build others, and in return build myself to become better than I was the day before. And hopefully build a few others along the way.

  1. Write something everyday. Creating a blog post, writing a page in your book, or creating several social media posts. But make it help others. Write something that gets others to make their world better.
  2. Promote someone with no return expected. Each day I post a shout out of the day on my Facebook wall. Share something they are good at, some way they are making the world a better place. Most of the time they are not clients, they are just a friend and I want to make their day, and maybe connect you with them.
  3. Send 10 text messages. Each day if I have your cell number, I select 10 people and just send a message. Telling them Hi, and I was thinking about them. Expecting nothing in return. Oh its great when the reply and tell me about whats happening in their world. But its great to get a text back with Thanks I needed this today.
  4. Make 5 people VIP for the day. Each day I go into my marketing list, and pick 5 people on my list. They are VIP for the day. I send an email and its not a marketing email, Just a Hi you have been picked as my VIP of the day. Then I ask what can I do for you today? Then I do it. I make the day about helping them, not about selling something, but about helping with something they need.


I hope you find a way to build community as well, you are welcome to use these ideas (that is why im sharing them) But also create some of your own. While number 2 and 3 look great to the world. Many of the people who get number 4 are glad they are on my list, and most likely will never leave..

Would you like to join the list???


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