4 Reasons I’m NOT attending YOUR event!!

4 Reasons I’m NOT attending YOUR event!!


What do you mean you are NOT attending my Event??

As a Speaker/Coach live events are part of my life. I attend them because I am a speaker, I am looking to speak at an event, or have been a speaker at your event. As a coach I am looking to learn and you have shared an event that is about something I want to improve in my life.

However being a speaker, and coach I do get hundreds of invites every year from other speakers and coaches to attend their events. With all those invites, and my busy schedule it is impossible to attend them all. I genuinely want to attend them all but just cannot do it. This is not a personal thing, just the schedule conflict.


Some events automatically I say NO up front. And thought I would share below to help you in creating your event, to attract more people.

This list is about things that turn me off, im not saying they turn off the general public, but they could be turning other off to your event as well.

Here are my top 4 reasons to NOT attend your event.

  1. You could not shut up about your political views online. In the age of let your voice be heard to often you use your political  opinion to place your self as better than the other side. This is a both side problem. I am not holding the fact you are a republican or democrat against you. It the fact that you think you are right and you are cursing, fighting, and basically have the attitude that you are better than those who do not believe what you do. Bottom line it show that you really have no respect for anyone that thinks different than you, and you look down on them. If you cannot accept others as human with a different point of view, then I really do not wish to learn from you.
  2. You have no list and it shows. This shows by the ways you are attempting to fill your event. If you must tag 70 to 80 people in a facebook post you need to learn how to build relationships. If you are calling all the time offering a FREE ticket to your event, that shows me what the value of your event is. Build relationships and invite them to attend, take ownership of your event, getting others to fill your event is ok, but build a relationship and ask them to share your event. It shows that you are not invested in your business if you are still taking shortcuts looking for the free ride to fill your events.  I will get to the value part in number 3.
  3. You have no purpose in what you are doing, and it shows. There are so many events out there with the “Fairy dust and unicorns” They just want to make everyone feel good. When you are a coach and have no purpose, no way that you will help people when they attend then why should they attend? Think about this if I just want to feel good why would I spend hundreds of dollars to attend an event. I could just go to a movie and feel good. In the past few years we have coaches and speakers teach the idea of just serve people. Well its time to stop with the “just serve” and define how you can serve and help them.
  4. I have been to your event before and got NO value. Nothing worse than wasting time at an event, that has the same format, same schedule, same type of speaker, and NO value. Its the hardest thing to walk out of an event and feel like you just wanted time. When attending an event I want to get something out of it. And yes I’ve hosted an event where someone left after lunch on the first day and did not come back. They sent me feedback that what was shared was to basic, and they got no value. That was a wake up call to make my events filled with more than they paid for. Change up your event and make it progress each time you do it. Those people who do the same thing over and over again have to keep finding a new audience every event. Make your event so they want to come back for a new experience the next time.


Bottom line is we all have opinions about life, and have a political opinion, and its ok to tell others this is what I believe. We have to stop fighting with others, calling them names, and placing ourselves as better than anyone. If you are hosting events you need to attract to all that are your potential clients, and letting them see you think you are better than anyone is not an attraction to get them to hire you as a coach.

You need to be building a list, building relationships. Its time to stop the short cuts, sooner or later you will run through friends who are willing to do all the work for you with no reward. Nothing worse than starting over, because you built something on a false foundation.

Have purpose and provide value in all that you do. In the beginning you may have to bring in some people who can provide such great value that people want to return. But you will have to start building your own value to the marketplace. Over the past few years a shift has started in the coaching speaking world, its no longer about content. You now have to provide an experience to keep them engaged. So get a purpose and provide them value with an experience they want to share for you.


Again these are my opinions, they may not be the opinions of the general public. But If I see it, are they seeing the same thing??

What will you do different to fill your events now?


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